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A entire creation to the severe concerns raised by way of scholarship on either books of Samuel. the customarily complex difficulties are handled sincerely and engagingly; the chapters take care of the Deuteronomistic historical past, the Shiloh culture, the Ark narrat

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But it could be that the explanation lies elsewhere. Is it possible that Saul's ignorance and Samuel's inconspicuousness are literary devices to create suspense and to invest the proceedings with a sense of mystery appropriate to the lofty business of appointing Israel's first king? From this point of view Samuel's announcement, 'I am the seer' (9:19), would be a high point in the story, rather than primarily a literary transition from one source to another. Saul's ignorance of Samuel's existence would then function, by a kind of metonymy, for his ignorance of God's plans for him in relation to the throne.

Day, The Destruction of the Shiloh Sanctuary and Jeremiah VII 12, 14', VTS 30 (1979), 87-94. The following studies give attention to the near eastern ideology reflected in the Ark Narrative: M. Delcor, 'Jahweh et Dagon, ou le Jahwisme face a la religion des Philistins, d'apres 1 Sam. V, VT 14 (1964), 136-154 (reprinted in Etudes bibliques et orientates de religions comparers, Leiden: Brill, 1979, 30-48). Campbell (1975), 179-191. Miller and Roberts, 9-17, 76-87. Relevant material from the Neo-Assyrian period is discussed in: M.

In short, the conclusive victory and the large claims built upon it are intended to leave Israel without excuse as, through the representation of the elders, they petition Samuel (see ch. 8) for a king to govern them and to lead them in battle. 1 Samuel 8:1-22 Samuel's response to this request is hostile, consisting in the main of an unflattering word portrait of the king whom they seek: he will be a despot who, by his exactions from his subjects, will turn them into slaves (8:11-18). The characteristic action of their king will be to 'take'—both people and possessions—until the grossness of the error of appointing a king will be obvious to all.

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