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By Isaac Asimov

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If not, what causes that last bit of lag? discovered, it didn 't 't it a very small lag in Uranus 's motion around the Sun that cannot be explained by the presence of either Neptune or tiny Pluto, which was discovered in 1930. Is there another large planet beyond Neptune? If so, it has However, there is still Right: Could this child be a future relative of yours? she could be one travel to 26 Uranus. He or of the first to Uranus's Satellites Distance from •^s Name Cordelia Diameter Uranus's Center 31 miles 30,915 miles km) (49,750 km) Ophelia 31 miles 33,406 miles (53,760 km) Bianca 31 miles (50 (50 (50 Cressida File: Day and Night Juliet Uranus, the third largest planet and the seventh farthest from the Sun, is also one of the most means each pole faces the Sun during half of Uranus's 84-year orbit.

Our Earth is one of the planets as is Uranus. planetesimals: small matter formed bits of when joined may have that, together, named for him. another each planet Daniel Titius developed formula that mass: a revolves around our Sun. should be from our Sun. this first planet: one of the bodies that a million million. showed how who we discovered Uranus in 1781. 1,000,000,000. In countries, this astronomer German 1 and Voyager 2 are probes. planets. Voyager 2: the space probe that sent back to Earth valuable information about Uranus.

Pluto. 7-3 billion I - km) 92-95 million miles (147-152 million km) how much you would weigh on - this planet. 29 More Books about Uranus Exploring Outer Space: Rockets, Probes, and Satellites. Asimov (Gareth Stevens) Our Planetary System. Asimov (Gareth Stevens) Planets. Barrett (Franklin Watts) The Planets. Couper (Franklin Watts) Video Uranus: The Sideways Planet. (Gareth Stevens) Places to Visit You can explore Uranus and other parts of the Universe without leaving museums and centers where you can find a variety of space exhibits.

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