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By Terry Pratchett

ISBN-10: 0060586605

ISBN-13: 9780060586607

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ISBN-13: 9780060586621

ISBN-10: 0061376582

ISBN-13: 9780061376580

The Heroine: Tiffany Aching, incipient witch and cheese maker extraordinaire. as soon as stored international from Queen of the Elves. is ready to find that combating evil monarchs is kid's play in comparison to mortal wrestle with a Hiver (see below). At 11 years outdated, is boldest heroine ever to have faced the Forces of Darkness whereas armed with a frying pan. The danger: A Hiver, insidious disembodied presence attracted to robust magic. hugely risky, often deadly. can't be stopped with iron or hearth. Its aim: Tiffany Aching (see above). The Nac Mac Feegle: A.k.a. the Wee loose males. top: six inches. colour: blue. Famed for consuming, stealing, and battling. Will assault whatever better than themselves. contributors contain: Rob anyone, Daft Wullie, and highly Wee Billy Bigchin. Allies to Tiffany Aching (see above). The publication: Hilarious, breathtaking, spine-tingling sequel to the acclaimed Wee loose males. the writer: Terry Pratchett, celebrated author of the the world over best-selling Discworld sequence. Carnegie Medalist and author extraordinaire.

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At a certain age you see the point of locks. ” Miss Tick kept staring at the road. ” Tiffany asked again, looking up. “I’m . . not sure. ” Tiffany looked around. There was no one watching. ” The teacher removed her hat and took from inside it a couple pieces of wood and a spool of black thread. She rolled up her sleeves, looking around quickly in case Twoshirts had sprouted a 49 population, then broke off a length of the thread and picked up the egg. Egg, thread, and fingers blurred for a few seconds and then there was the egg, hanging from Miss Tick’s fingers in a neat little black net.

They never work, but Miss Level thinks it’s because we don’t know exactly what kind of frog, or which toe—” 33 “I’m sorry, but I’m not going to help anyone chop up innocent frogs and bats,” said Tiffany firmly. “She only uses creatures that have died naturally or been run over or committed suicide. ” The cart rolled on down the white, dusty road, until it was lost from view. Nothing happened. Skylarks sang, so high up they were invisible. Grass seeds filled the air. Sheep baa’d, high up on the Chalk.

That means she’s good, aye? If she is a true hag, she’ll 45 find a way hersel’. We all ha’ to dree our weird. Whatever’s out there, she’s got to face it. ” “Aye, but a hiver’s worse than—” Rob began. “She’s off to learn hagglin’ from other hags,” said Jeannie. “An’ I must learn keldarin’ all by myself. ” 46 CHAPTER 2 � Twoshirts and Two Noses T woshirts was just a bend in the road with a name. There was nothing there but an inn for the coaches, a blacksmith’s shop, and a small store with the word SOUVENIRS written optimistically on a scrap of cardboard in the window.

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