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Hormones and Human Breast Cancer: An Account of 15 Years by John Hayward F.R.C.S (auth.) PDF

Seventeen years in the past Mr. HAYWARD got here to paintings within the Breast hospital at Guy's clinic. at the moment the effect of hormones at the growth of breast melanoma was once preferred; the prescription of androgens and oestrogens within the remedy of the complex case used to be good proven, and the operations of adrenalectomy and hypo­ physectomy had lately been brought.

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In Table 14 it can be seen that acute leukemias were observed most frequently (26 cases); in addition we found three subacute and six chronic leukemias. Three patients had other malignant diseases. Two mechanisms are believed to be responsible for the action of phenylbutazone: 1. Phenylbutazone has direct leukemogenic effects, the mechanism of action of which is yet unknown. What is known is only the myelotoxicity of the drug. According to Dougan and Woodliff (1965) it is possible that the normal leukopoietic stimulus, acting on depressed bone marrow, may induce a leukemic stage.

The published cases are probably only a fraction of the real number of cyclophosphamide-related bladder carcinomas. This became more apparent in a personal discussion that one of us (D. Schmahl) had with an American pathologist. The American colleague mentioned that among his patients there were also "three or four" second tumors following cyclophosphamide therapy. However, he felt that publication of these cases was not necessary because the iatrogenic carcinogenicity of cyclophosphamide is generally known.

Muench. med. Wschr. 115, 1275 (1973) 46 Phenacetin Phenacetin is contained in most analgesics. It is well known that excessive use of phenacetin causes interstitial nephritis and papillary necrosis (Spiihler and Zollinger, 1953; Hultengren, 1961). In 1965, Hultengren et al. drew attention to a possible association between phenacetin overconsumption and carcinoma of the renal pelvis. Bengtsson et al. (1968) found 8 renal pelvis carcinomas and 2 carcinomas of the urinary bladder among 104 patients with chronic nonobstructive nephritis following analgesic abuse.

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