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By Peter L. Gray

Moment Library replica. San Diego Air and house Museum.

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Soc. 96, 8081 (1974). 4 D. E. Dorman and J. D. Roberts, J. A m . Chem. Soc. 92, 1355 (1970). A. S. Perlin, B. Casu, and H. J. Koch, Can. J. Chem. 48, 2596 (1970). H. J. Koch and A. S. Perlin, Carbohydr. Res. 15,403 (1970). 7 p. A. J. Gorin, Can. J. Chem. 52, 458 (1974). D. R. Bundle, H. Jennings, and I. C. P. Smith, Can. J. Chem. 51, 3812 (1973). 9 T. E. Walker, R. E. London, T. W. Whaley, R. Barker, and N. A. Matwiyoff, J. A m . Chem. Soc. 98, 5807 (1976). [3] POLYSACCHARIDE STRUCTURES USING laG N M R 41 resonances of the molecule due to scalar carbon-carbon coupling.

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