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The problems taken with this booklet are complicated and visit the center of ways alliances, the fundamental devices of the present constitution of foreign safety, should still functionality.

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When allies cannot be counted on to have the same interpretation of the treaty which binds them together, or to comply with the commitments they swear to honour when entering or forming an alliance, the prospects of harmony and co-operation appear to be very dim indeed. ALLIANCES AND NUCLEAR WEAPONS One of the most vexing problems in alliance management concerns the role and relevance of nuclear weapons. Two general effects of nuclear weapons on alliances come to mind: (i) widening of the gap between small states and great powers; and (ii) an enormous increase in the danger and costs of inter-alliance conflict.

31. 32. 33. Jacob Bercovitch for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, at the Congressional Hearings on the Security Treaty Between Australia, New Zealand and the United States (Washington DC: House of Representatives, Committee on Foreign Affairs, GPO, 1985). D. Lange, 'The Fourth Labour Government: New Directions in New Zealand's Foreign Policy' in H. ) New Directions pp. 27-35. Some influential voices in the peace movement even suggest that the ANZUS relationship has been strengthened, not weakened, by recent events.

Although there is nothing specific in the ANZUS Treaty which obliges New Zealand to accept nuclear ships, the United States, 40 per cent of whose navy is nuclear-powered and equipped to meet a variety of Soviet threats, regards New Zealand's ban on nuclear ships as being in bad faith and as violating one of the basic alliance commitments. 29 New Zealand for its part feels bewildered by the American response. Having made sacrifices for its erstwhile allies, it now asks for the freedom to interpret the Treaty's commitments in accordance with its own perception of individual interests.

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